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Operation Finally Home: Tell us about the Dallas Builder Association

– [Freeman] Welcome to Texas Top Homes, where home buying, selling, and financing are all simplified.

I'm your host, Freeman Sawyer,and with me as usual is the queen of closing costs, Nancy Currie.

Today we have Phil Crone with the Dallas Builders Association, Ronnie Laos with Operation Finally Home, and Donny Evans with Altura Homes.

Gentlemen, thanks for coming here.

– Great to be here.

– Thank you for having us.

– Bill, tell us who theDBA is, to start off.

– Sure.

The Dallas Builders Association, we're a nonprofit organization that represents homebuilders and developers and then all the contractors and suppliers that support the residentialhome building industry.

Essential, we're a chamber of commerce for the residentialhome building industry, so we do a lot ofeducation, a lot of events, some advocacy, and great charity work through our charity of choice,Operation Finally Home.

– [Freeman] Ronnie, how can folks find out a little more informationabout Operation Finally Home? Do you have a website? – [Ronnie] We do,OperationFinallyHome.


They can go on that, they can find out what projects we currently have underway.

If somebody wants toapply to receive a home, there's an applicationform online as well.

– [Freeman] What about the listeners, what if they want to donate some of that money that Donny was talking about? – [Ronnie] If they go toour website, they can– they can click on "Help A Hero Now" and it will go into the general fund, or they can specify toa particular project where they want the money to go.

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Sharon Gunter: Can you tell us the value a home builder gets when building a home?

– [Freeman] Welcome to Texas Top Homes where home buying, selling andfinancing are all simplified.

I'm your host Freeman Sawyer.

With me is my co-host Tracy Wesman.

Today we're chatting withone of Texas top builders Sharon Gunter with First Texas Homes.

– Sharon can you share with us some of the value you get when youbuild with First Texas out there in the preserve,mainly some of the things that are included with your home that maybe aren't includedwith the other builders or even in other First Texas communities.

– Sure.

Some of the things that are included that I think are reallyexceptional, first of all, are our cabinets throughout the home.

They truly are custom cabinets.

They're not box cabinets, every single cabinet in the home is custom built.

So I always tell peopleopen up the drawers, look at it, see how it's built and compare that.

There's not a bunch of little nails and that sort of thing.

– [Freeman] Alright soyou've got beautiful bathrooms and beautiful kitchens.

– [Sharon] Exactly.

Yes, they're very, they'rejust really above most builders.

Also we are an energy star builder.

A lot of builders are energy star but one of the things we also add are the tank-less water heaters.

To me, that is one of thebest things in the world.

I actually had them comeout and put one in my house and I can take a showerall day long (laughs) and not run out of hot water.

– [Tracy] I need one of those.

– I absolutely love that,that is one thing that most builders are going to charge you for.

– [Freeman] For a tank-less water heater? – Exactly.

Then we have the great wholehome automation system, the Savant System.

That is really cool, I can even program it which is, that's saying something.

So that you now havecontrol with your phone or whatever for music, cameras, the heating and air conditioning, the garage door opener, thelights, everything in your home.

That comes standard withour First Texas homes and there isn't anotherbuilder that I know of in the Dallas Fort Wortharea that has that.

That's really important, itcomes with some extra things like the surround sound pre wire, pre wire for cameras, pre wire for speakers.

You can even set upscenes so like at my model I have a scene that turnson the lights 15 minutes before I get there towork, turns them off.

Turns off the music, turns down the heater and the air conditioning.

If you're interesting in that, – [Freeman] I think that's awhole new wave that's coming to the home world is home automation.

It sounds like you guyshave easy home automation and what we've actuallymet the guys from Home Pro and they do a great job for you guys.

They're a lot of fun, but the Savant Systemsounds just wonderful.

– [Sharon] It is, andit used to be, years ago only really high end homes, I mean multi million dollarhomes had this sort of available.

Today First Texas hasthat in all their homes.

– [Freeman] And I'm thinking by the way you made that commentthat even you could do it, it does not require teenage tech support? – Oh no, no, no, no.

No I can do it.

I actually understood it when he was showing me how to do it.

Now that's something.

– That's great, that's great.

Sharon if folks wanna come out to Rockwell and pay you a visit andpick out a home site, what's your website and phone number.

– [Sharon] Our website is FirstTexasHomes.

Com and our phone number at the preserve is 972 722 1719.

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