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How Do I Structure a Deal to Sell a Property That Needs Substantial Repairs?

Hey, it's Joe Crump.

I've got another onehere.

This one is another example deal that I'd like to explain.

This guy has, "…a sellerwith six properties that he wants to sell.

He's an investor.

" We run across a lot ofinvestors through the Automarketer.

You know, they have one ad, one property they're advertisingand then suddenly they say, "Well, I've got six others that I've got," so that's not uncommon.

"All these properties are pretty similar, so I'll just give you one so you can tellme how to structure the deal.

" And that makes a lot of sense when you're, especially whenyou're first getting started.

Do these one at a time.

Say, "Let's just start with one.

I'll show you what I can do.

We'll put it together.

If you like what happens and howit works out, we'll do the other five.

" So keep that in mind.

"So I'll give you one, tell me how to structure the deal.

" Value is $75,000.

The asking priceis $55,000.

He owns them free and clear.

He's owned them for fifteen years and used themas rental properties.

They all need work.

This one needs about $8,000.

A roof, a furnace,some cosmetic work.

It rents for $700 a month.

The taxes and insurance come out to $100 amonth.

This one is vacant.

Three of these are vacant, three are rented.

He says theyrent pretty quickly and when he starts advertising, but he didn't want to rent them if he wasgoing to sell and he doesn't have the money to do the fix up.

What can I offer him thathe might accept? He's retired, wants to stop being a landlord.

Kind of hates it and can'tdo the work on them any longer.

" Yeah, I don't blame him.

I hate being a landlord.

I hate to be property manager.

Get somebody else to do that work for you.

That's no fun.

You'll be burned out like this guy.

If he had somebody else who was managing his propertyfor all these years, it wouldn't be a big deal.

He'd just have them do it.

They'd betaking 10% of the income that was coming in, but he wouldn't have to do any of the work.

He wouldn't be burned out.

He'd be able to keep them.

They'd be in good condition nowbecause a good manager will take care of the properties.

They'll go back in and do thework when it's necessary and he will have properties that will be appreciated ratherthan depreciated which is what he's got going here.

So, he's owned these properties for a while.

He's got a lot of work that needs to be doneit.

If he's asking $55,000 and it needs $8,000 worth of work, that means the prices is goingto be $63,000 just to get it into a place where he can rent it.

If it's $63,000 andit rents for $700 a month, somebody coming in with $63,000, it's not terrible income,you know, I'm going the math in my head, but maybe 8% return on investment after payingfor principal, interest, taxes, or not, you're not going to – well, principal, interest – I'msorry.

If you're paying for it cash, you wouldn't have principal and interest, you have taxes,insurance and property management.

And my guess is it'd be somewhere in the 8%,9%, 10% rate, which is a pretty good return on investment if it's fully rented.

But notgreat.

And so, what can he do to make this work even better? And the better way to dothis is to make it, to give yourself more exit strategies and the way you can do thatis to get it on terms.

So if you got this property on terms for $55,000 and then soldit to an investor, let's say for $5,000, now you're up to $60,000.

He's got to put $8,000,he's going to be up to $68,000.

But if his payments are you know, if he's got rents for$700 a month and he's got $150 of that taxes and insurance, another $50 for, or $70 forthe property management.

Now he's down to $500, you know, let's say $450 a month, it'stake out $150 of that for himself, so $300 a month is what he can afford to pay on themonthly payment.

He takes that $300 a month, divides it into$55,000 and that's going to be the term of the payment, so, if you've got $55,000, dividedby $300, that's 183 months divided by 12, that's 15 years.

Now you've got a 15-yearno interest loan to pay off this property.

So, what happens is it pays the property offin 15 years.

Or you could put more towards it and pay off in 10 years or 8 years if youput the entire amount towards it.

So that would be a great investment for anybody becausethe entire principal is, every payment is entirely principal so every time you get ayou know, make a payment of $300, $300 is profit to you because it's paying down yourprincipal, even though it's not cash flow to you.

Plus you've saved another $150 a monthcash flow for yourself.

And that's probably the way that I would doit.

I would probably want to keep that property.

Maybe want to put the $8,000 in it myself.

Let's say I don't have $8,000 and I want to do this property, then I could sell it toan investor, you know, for the $68,000.

I get the $5,000 for myself and the investorhas to come with the, I guess that was the original scenario, wasn't it? I was sellingit to an investor.

So, I can either keep this property myselffor the $55,000, make the payments of $300 a month and then I have to come up with $8,000to fix it, or I could add $5,000 to it, sell it to an investor.

He makes payments on the$55,000.

I get $5,000 as cash.

I walk away from it.

He has to put another $8,000 intoit.

He's still got a good return on his money because you've set up the payment system forhim to get all principal, every payment that comes in is all principal.

And if you do that,it'll make it really easy for you to turn around and sell.

You might even be able toget $10,000 instead of $5,000 for it because it's still going to be profitable for himin the long run and all he's going to have to do is come up with $8,000 to buy this propertyfor the rehab and then you know, the $5,000 for you, or maybe $10,000 for you if that'sthe case.

So, his money into it instead of being $60,000or $65,000 is going to be $15,000 or $20,000 and there's a lot more investors out therethat have $10,000 or $15,000 or $20,000 to invest than there are people that have $50,000,$60,000, $70,000, $80,000 to invest and they're a lot more willing to do it on something likethis because it's got so much income coming in that pays itself down over time.

All right.

Hope that helps.

Hope it wasn't too muddled.

Thanks now.

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How to Sell Your House Fast & For More Money

Hello! Your real estate expert, Lance Mohr,and I am going to talk about how to sell a house for the highest price possible.

So beforeI go into the video series and how to sell a house and certainly get maximum profits,I want to tell you why I am doing this.

I have been doing real estate for years andI have helped thousands of people, but one thing always gets on me and always has foryears is I go in the multiple listing service and I see these sellers that are just makingthese really poor decisions on the agents they hire.

And I understand it is not thesellers fault, people just do not know what to do.

But it sickens me to see agents goout there and they take horrible pictures, they write really poor descriptions, theydo absolutely no marketing, they do not return phone calls and it just makes me mad.

It givesa bad eye for the business and makes us look bad as real estate agents.

And then it bringsme to the second reason, it is to help sellers, because I know you are not doing this everyday, I know you don't really know what to do.

Everybody knows, okay, let's put it onlineand let's do this, but what really sells a home? What's really going to sell a home andget you maximum profit? You don't know that, it's not your business, and you shouldn'tknow it.

And then you go in and you start interviewing real estate agents and some realestate agents could be really really good real estate agents.

They do a ton of marketingand they're great, but maybe they're not the best salesperson in the world.

And then youget other people to come in and they don't do anything.

They're basically just a grinderand they go in and they get the listing, they work out your door and they don't even rememberwho you are, they just turn it over to an assistant and they do no marketing.

So that'sreally why I did this.

And I remember several months back I'm talking to an agent that'sa national trainer with a company and I'm talking to him, and he's been in the businessfor years, and he said "You know, it's just really good to know that none of my clientsreally knew I never did anything to sell homes.

And I said, well, what do you mean? I said,marketing is the key.

And he said, well, not really.

He said, It's relationships are thekey.

' And I'm sitting there thinking, no, it's not! And that just really opened my eyes.

This is a huge real estate agent that's known nationally in the business and has been inthe business for years and years and years and even trains other agents, and they'retelling me it's about relationship? That it's not about, you know, customer service andmarketing and all these other things.

So that's really why I wanted to do that, I just wantedyou to know where I'm coming from.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go throughthis video series and I'm going to try to keep things brief and just walk through someof the stuff you need to know.

Because I understand, even if you're in the Tampa Bay area in Florida,maybe you already have your home listed with another agent and that's okay or maybe you'rein New York or out in Iowa or somewhere and you're watching this and you need help.

AndI'm also going to go over some stuff on how to interview agents, how to pick a good agent,so you know so you're not picking some dud.

And how to get out of pretty much any listingagreement.

So we'll go through all that and if you have any questions at all on anything,don't hesitate to contact me.

If you like the videos, please share them, rate, comment,give me a thumbs up, anything I'd really appreciate it.

I wish you the best of luck and I reallyhope this helps.

I know if you pay attention to this, I'm sure you're going to get a lotof really good information.

Alright, thank you very much.

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HOW DO I SELL MY HOUSE | #ClosingTalk Ep. 18

Hey everybody thank you for tuning into the18th episode of #ClosingTalk.

We are coming from the Delaware waterfront talking aboutif I were you, how would I sell my house? See a lot of you guys are perfectly capableand knowledgeable enough, and have the intuitive nature to be able to sell your own house,but there are little things you do not know.

Hopefully we will try to dis-spell them.

Sorryfor any of the wind.

There is certainly enough out there.

Nothing I can do about it besidesfight it.

The #1 thing you need to know when selling your own house is listen, I don'tcare what anybody says; 90% of any sale, whether you are selling it yourself or whether itis an agent, is all price.

So if you have the property priced wrong, you are not doingyourself any justice.

See if I was you, what I would do is I would hire an appraiser.

Iwould spend the $450.

I am sorry to break it to you.

If you are trying to sell yourown house, it is going to cost money.

What you are trying to fight with is just how muchmoney is it going to cost.

Beings that price is 90% of the concern here, you need to doyour due diligence.

I am not talking about an appraiser that is going to be an end allbe all, because your buyer is going to have their own appraiser.

At the end of the day,what the appraiser is going to do for you is let you know where to price the property.

See if you price it wrong, the property is going to sit.

If you price it right, I don'tcare what type of distribution you have or what those photos look like, your propertyis going to sell.

It just depends how many offers is it going to get.

See if you knowthe price of the property, you can hone in and know for yourself that you are gettinga fair deal.

See a lot of people think their property is worth a lot more than it actuallyis and they are trying to squeeze every dollar out of it.

That is why they are not gettingtheir property sold.

By having that appraisal done yourself to know a little bit more aboutthe market and give yourself an upper hand to know when you have a fair deal.

In today'smarkets, that is what sells, a fair deal.

No one is trying to take the shirt off ofyour back, but everyone wants to be treated fairly.

The reason why your house is not sellingis because you are not treating the buyer fairly and you need to do that.

How wouldyou like to be treated if you were on the other end of the stick.

Buyers have so muchaccess to information today that you need to price properly.

Anyone can see throughyour little cloud of smoke.

There is just too much access to information that you needto price the property right.

Now, how can you distribute it? You can spend a nominalamount and go to a variety of people who will place your property on the MLS, which is thesame service that us realtor's use.

You can enter it on Zillow.

Com and Trulia.

Com becausethey are all the same site.

You will not be able to enter it on Realtor.

Com because thatis only for REALTOR's, but that is a nominal price for the price overall that you are goingto be saving in commission.

Now lets talk about commission.

Just because you are sellingyour own house does not mean you are going to get lucky and end up not paying a buyerside commission.

You should go into this thinking you are going to be paying 3%.

Listen, ifyou get away with paying less, good for you.

At the end of the day, even paying a buyer'sagent 3% who is capable, willing, and able, is going to save you a lot of time effortand energy.

See, I do not care if your family member is in real estate or you have previousknowledge, at the end of the day, you do not know.

So, there is going to be things youneed help with in the transaction, whether you are represented or not with paperworkand whatnot.

So at least by paying one side of the transaction properly to the right personwho deserves it, will probably get you a little bit farther than just trying to be cheap,and that is what for the most part a For Sale By Owner is.

It is being cheap.

So if youcan master pricing your property and if you can master marketing your property, whichthe marketing is relatively nominal, to fill in the gaps, if you are in an urban area youcan do open houses, otherwise if I was you I would and trying to market your property,I would call the different brokers in the area.

They are going to be a wealth of informationto where as long as you are offering a buyer side commission, who knows, they might haveclients for you and being proactive is always better than being reactive.

So let me knowwhat you think! Have you recently tried selling your own house? Is it going well.

Let me knowbelow.

At the end of the day, I am here for you regardless of what you decide to do.

Whatevercity you are in.

If you are in Philly, New York, or out in California, I don't care,I am here for you.

I am the guy who can help you connect the dots between what you thinkyou know and really need to know in order to be successful in today's marketplace.

Atthe end of the day, this is all about you and your success.

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How To Sell Your Utah Home Over Asking Price

And so we sold the house for more than whatwe were asking for it.

That was actually a really good thing for us.

We had our askingprice at $148,500 and we sold it for $152,000.

Joel helped me through the steps of how togo about countering and stuff for some of the things they wanted for some of the thingswe wanted.

We were able to end up getting more for it.

Before we sold the home, we actuallyhad a different realtor, who, I'll tell you the experience between them/that realtor andyou guys was actually a lot different.

I mean you guys were communicating with us all thetime.

I mean Charity always knew what was going on when people were coming and stuff,if people would come, and when they actually they did come.

I mean before, there was actuallysomebody in our house and we really didn't know what was going on.

It kind of was weirdyou know.

The fact that that realtor actually never knew anything or have any feedback from the people.

It was bad on that part where you guys did a really good job with that.

We felt really informed like there was good communication between you guys and us.

Wehad a lot more showings with you guys were our realtor vs the other people too.

Overthere we had maybe (we had Coldwell Banker before) and we had maybe 1 showing every 2weeks.

And we had you guys we had like 2 or 3 showings every day.

And we had access toall of that information too – you guys were sending emails and stuff and I'd be able tosee how many people were in my home, what people's feedback was, what people thoughtabout the price and condition of the home.

I'm excited to have it sold! [Laughs] It'sactually a good feeling, you know, to get out, and re-explore the world.

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How to build a home that will sell fast. Spray Foam Insulation Chicago area (630)999-8379. Call now!

(nature sounds, instrumental music) How to build a home that will sell fast.

I'm gonna tell you how tobuild a much better home to sell it faster,with just a few grand more.

You use quality materials andbrand-name products, right? That's something you show off,and the home buyer will, too.

Would you like to know about the ONE thing that takes place behind the walls of every home that will make life so much better? You do? Are you sure? Ok! Insulation is not something fancy that homeowners show off to their friends but the right insulation might keep in their pockets at least a hundred dollars a month, year 'round, year after year.

Spray Foam Insulation prevents air flow, which is amongst the main causes of heat and moisture transfer.

In other words, fiberglass and other materials allow air to flow through a house, carrying heat and moisture.

This makes the HVAC to run more often, costinghomeowners between $100 and $140 more every month,for a mid-size home in the Midwest.

There will be less dust in the house,a much better humidity control, it will cost less to maintaina comfortable temperature both in summer and winter,and it will even prevent drafts and air currents.

Also, noise abatementis greatly improved, for both external, and internal sources.

The kids are playing,friends came over, or the neighbors are hostinga party? It's still quieter.

You've heard "Happy wife, happy life".

Well, what about "Happy everybody"? Even the environment benefits,with a smaller carbon footprint.

Besides consuming less energy to keepa comfortable temperature and humidity, our materials includerecycled bottles.

Make a greener home! All these benefits, for usuallyless than five thousand, spread in a 30-year mortage[pays back in less than 5 years] that will save over $100 every month, year around, year after year.

It's just a no-brainer.

Build a quality homewith Spray Foam Insulation, and it will be yetanother great selling point.

Sell faster, sell more, save money.

Ask us for a quotation.

Retrofitting is possible for existing homes.

[The Blooper] I'm going tell you how to build a much better home.

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6 Steps On How To Sell A House Fast And For Top Dollar

All right now, before you go find a very fastmoving bus and decide to throw a local real estate agent in front of it, what if I toldyou there's a way that you can sell your house for top dollar and fast.

And what if I alsotold you that you would be doing this and not losing any sleep at night, worrying aboutwhether you received top dollar and squeezed every penny out of your sale.

I'm going toshow you exactly how we use video, the Internet, pictures and a lot of other on line marketingstrategies to do just that.

My name is Mike Cuevas and I'm the creatorof Chicago Real Estate Dude website and this is not your ordinary real estate agent website.

This site was put together solely for the purpose of educating the mass public, peoplelike yourself, on how to sell a house fast and how to sell it for top dollar.

So look around.

You see what you see on line.

There are a lot of sellers selling their housesand moving into new ones and it seems to be seamless.

However, the problem that most sellershave before they decide to list their home on the market is where do you start.

Who doyou call, what agent, or what company do you use.

What is their marketing plan? Does theirmarketing plan include what it takes to get the mass exposure so that you can receivetop dollar? What about your closing cost? What about the pre-approval price on a newpurchase? All of these questions are common questionsthat a lot of sellers in your shoes have.

Look at this property right here.

This propertywas listed without an on line marketing plan.

When we first found this property, it wason the market for over 256 days with no [press agents 00:01:46] whatsoever.

Now once theychanged agents and hired us, we had a full on line marketing plan to it and it sold inunder 30 days and only for a $19,000 differential from their original asking price.

The difference?An on line marketing plan.

[00:02:00] So as you can see, listing and selling yourhouse in todays' market is simply no walk in the park.

You do have to do a little bitmore than just put a sign in the yard, list it on the multiple listing service, crossyour fingers and just hope an offer is going to come in.

You need a full on line marketingplan.

So here's exactly what you are going to getstarted on right below.

The first thing I'm going to show you is howto use and properly use the Internet for an on line marketing strategy that is going toraise the masses.

The second thing I'm going to show you is how do you properly use professionalpictures and videos to reach a mass audience through a social media platform such as Facebook,Linked-in and U-tube, just to name a few.

Now if you've ever seen a property on linethat looks better on line than it actually did when you went and saw it, I'm going toshow you exactly how we use those jet eye marketing mind tricks to have buyers thinkingthe exact same thing about your property.

The last thing we're going to cover is thatyou should.

are going to get a true idea and feeling of what your closing costs aregoing to be so that you know what your net walk-away figure is once you do close on thatproperty.

Now I created this site as a one stop resourceso that people can get real information and I can share all my secrets on how I sell homesthe right way for top price.

If you have any additional questions, all you have to do issimply just ask me.

I'll get back to you in 24 hours.

So what I want you to do right now, if you have any specific questions for me, is goahead and enter in your information in the contact form to your right and I will be gladto contact you within 24 hours.

If not, simply feel free to go around the site and checkout anything that you want.


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The Open House Tour Guide – Secrets to Sell Your Home #1

Hello and welcome to our new video seriescalled Secrets to Sell.

In this video series we are going to take a look at every salestechnique and tool used by real estate agents to sell your property.

We will take a lookat what works, why it works and we will provide the statistics to back it up.

Next we aregoing to take a look at some examples of the good the bad and im going to challenge thevery best with my zero real estate experience.

And just so you know, I have no moral issuesabout cheating.

Coming up this week we are going to look at the open house tour guide.

Now most likely this is going to be your real estate agent and its probably something youhaven't thought too much about but it can have a big impact on how much your house sellsfor and how quickly it sells.

A great host is able to get buyers in the right mind frame,they are able to highlight key features of the house and they are able to get buyersto get excited about buying your house.

You might want to think about your host beingkind of like a pitchman on a shopping network.

Think oxyclean and Billy Mayes.

Since we aretalking about pitchmen, in the infomercial world when they use celebrity guests to sellproducts they can see increases in sales by as much as 20%.

Now that's getting the rightperson talking about the right product in front of the right audience.

Communicationis the number one issue facing real estate agents.

Well that and marriages.

A real estateagent that communicates well is going to have an easier time selling your home.

90% of homebuyers are shopping online which means you should be using a video.

A great host willmake you house shine and it will be the perfect message delivered every single time.

Hostsare still needed in person as 10% of buyers purchase they saw at an open house.

Now thatwe have looked at some statistics, lets look at some examples.

First up we have a housewithout a tour guide.

As you can see there is no excitement in this video.

There is noone to mention the new floors, what type of fireplace is in the den or the completelyremodeled bedroom.

This video misses the mark.

Up next we have a tour with a host that dida fantastic job.

Lets take a look at what Ryan did right.

Welcome to our master suite.

This is the perfect oasis for when things are getting too hectic in the rest of thehouse.

Come in here an relax.

You've got your own walk in closet also separated by a barndoor.

And this is our sea side inspired master en suite with white oak cabinets, a free standingsoaker tub and check out this shower.

Beautiful full slab granite surround.

Notice how Ryanpaints a beautiful picture of each room, the inspiration behind the design and the keyfeatures.

Hes not selling a house, hes selling a home.

Ryan had great enthusiasm.

He showedkey features of the house which made this a great tour.

Well there you have it the goodand the bad and now im about to show you the very best.

For my tour I brought in a ringer.

I went outside the realm of real estate agents.

He is designed to appeal to young familieswhich is what this house is made for and hes irresistible to women who now buy more homesthan men.

He could sell ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves.

Let meet baby Luke.

How could anyone say no to him? And if you act now, he comes with the house.

That actuallymight not be true.

I may be biased but we want to know who you think would be betterat selling your home.

Ryan and his enthusiastic expert level tour or baby Luke? One thingyou should know is that if Luke doesn't win, its a trip to the glue factory and hes notinvited.

So there you go, something you might not have thought about before but having theright host for your video or your open house can help sell your house faster and for moremoney.

Thanks for watching our video today.

If you have any questions or ideas for videosyour would like to see, please let us know.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and emaillist so you don't miss any of our videos and check out our twitter and Instagram for insiderinfo.

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How to Sell More Custom Homes as a Builder – and have HAPPY Customers – 2017

Hello, and welcome.

If you're watchingthis video, then you're a builder, and like many builders, you're struggling toget clients.

And you're struggling to get them to pay the prices you know you haveto ask for.

I mean, the building industry, as you know, you either tell people exactlyevery element that it's going to cost them, and then they don't use you because you're too expensive.

Or you hide back some things, and then you quote them, butthen you let the client down because they end up getting hit with a billthey weren't expecting.

But at least you get the client.

It's so hard to get people tounderstand all the eccentricities of the building process, even for thesehighly successful people that are buying their massive homes.

Because they just — it's so foreign to them.

And you feel like you need to explain it.

Andeverything just becomes so hard and so complex.

And if you make it complex,they don't buy off you, so you keep it simple, but then they don't understand, and it's kindof a catch-22.

And you don't know what to do about it.

But I do, and I want to sharethat with you.

My name is Matthew Pollard and I am the Rapid Growth Guy.

And I want toshare with you a story of Bethany, who invited me to come and speak to a groupof builders that she had organized.

And these were all big businesses — they were$2M builds, $1M builds, $5M builds.

Very successful business owners, but she decided they all needed to understandrapid growth, because they were all struggling with the same thing.

They wereall struggling with other builders that were just trying to compete on one thing — price.

And she needed to help themunderstand how it could be done differently.

She came to me because Ihave taught 3500 trades people — builders, electricians, plumbers, in Australia — andshe decided that I had that unique expertise to share with them.

See, veryfew people, as I'm sure you know, have the expertise of the building market.

Especially in sales and marketing.

I mean, realistically, no one really speaks tothe builders' market.

But I've done it for years.

And what I help these people do,inside a 45-minute workshop, is really break down exactly what differentiatedthem, the competencies that they had that wereseparate to every other builder.

Every single person in the room came up with adifferent answer, but it was the right answer for them, because it was based ontheir unique competencies.

I mean, think about it: You have different experiences,different education, you've had different customers than everybody else in thebuilding industry, and it makes you uniquely placed to help one specificdemographic of customers.

And with Bethany's group, we helped her do that for every singlebuilder in the room.

It was a 45-minute workshop.

And now, I want to show you howyou can do it yourself.

I'm going to share with you things that I have notshared with anyone outside the scope of my one-on-one clients.

And we don't justhave 45 minutes together, we're going to have over an hour, and you're gonna beable to ask me questions, while her people never could.

I can't wait to showyou this intimate information in our webinar together.

Before we get to that,though, I'm all about transparency.

So I want to hear from Bethany and herexperience of me in that 45-minute workshop, and the outcomes that she sawcome out of it.

And then I want to show you in intimate detail through thewebinar exactly how you can rapidly grow your business.

Just click on the linkbelow, hear from Bethany, and then I'll see you in the upcoming webinar.

I lookforward to seeing you there.

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Five Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home – How to Sell Your House | Jobe Real Estate Group

Selling a home isn't exactly an easy process,but if you avoid these five mistakes, it’ll be a whole lot easier for you.

First, homeowners, they fail to do a greatjob cleaning the house.

If you were to sell your car, you’d takeit in, get it cleaned, vacuum it out.

Now let’s do that to your home.

Number two, let’s make sure you have yourheating and air conditioning serviced by a professional.

Also, let’s have them look at the hot watertank.

Or, if it’s a tankless system, let’s havethem look at that tankless system as well.

The third mistake is a repeat of number one.

You failed to clean the house the first time.

I mean, really get in there and clean it.

Vacuum the garage.

Clean everything.

Get in there.

Scrub it.

Scrub it.

Clean it.

The fourth mistake, you fail to price yourhome correctly.

That means you could be pricing it over themarket, or under the market.

If you price it under the market, you’releaving money on the table.

If you price it too high, the reality is you’llend up selling it for less than market, because no one’s looking at your home when it’soverpriced.

And the fifth mistake, is they don’t makethe home available for perspective buyers.

So really, be flexible.

Understand they might not schedule an appointment,they might just show up.

Let them in.

So if you don’t fall in to these five commonmistakes, you’re going to have a much better selling experience, and at the end of theday, you’re going to get the most amount of money for your home.

And that’s what you want, isn’t it? The most amount of money with the least amountof headache? So when you’re ready to sell your home andwant professional help, give us a call, or go to our website.

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How To Sell and Buy a Home on Same Day

The fun begins and with a few other thingscoming up in the near future we decided it was time to downsize and move closer to whereboth of our moms are It was just very smooth from the very beginning.

We were able to just click together.

I believe that this process was probably oneof the easiest and best.

I really think the best was to go with youguys first because we have had a really good experience.

I really liked the marketing.

The very first thing that I like that youwere able to do an Ariel view.

I had never really seen something like thatbefore so I was really impressed with the Ariel view.

And then I was really impressed that you didthe walkthrough, the things you said, and the enthusiasm that was shown, and the thingsthat were showing so positive about our home.

And then the way you guys marketing thingsand kept things going kept things moving, kept in touch with us to say ok what we cando here to see if we can help.

And I really did appreciate how well thatmarketing went because I know that the marketing really helped us a lot and I know that itwould have been harder if we wouldn’t have had the good marketing service’s that youguys gave us.

Everybody that we have talked to have beenvery impressed with everything and how it’s going.

The timing has worked out perfect for sellingthis home and purchasing the other.

We were able to close on both residences atthe same time that was a big help.

I really can’t see anything that you guyscould do different because you were so friendly, you were so helpful, and you were accessibleto us, you helped us in any way possible.

I just like what you’re doing so far sodon’t break it what you got going is great.

Thanks JoelThanks Ann! Thanks Joel! Thanks everybody for all of your help to helpus be successful to sell and move.

Thank you very much.

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