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How to Sell More Custom Homes as a Builder – and have HAPPY Customers – 2017

Hello, and welcome.

If you're watchingthis video, then you're a builder, and like many builders, you're struggling toget clients.

And you're struggling to get them to pay the prices you know you haveto ask for.

I mean, the building industry, as you know, you either tell people exactlyevery element that it's going to cost them, and then they don't use you because you're too expensive.

Or you hide back some things, and then you quote them, butthen you let the client down because they end up getting hit with a billthey weren't expecting.

But at least you get the client.

It's so hard to get people tounderstand all the eccentricities of the building process, even for thesehighly successful people that are buying their massive homes.

Because they just — it's so foreign to them.

And you feel like you need to explain it.

Andeverything just becomes so hard and so complex.

And if you make it complex,they don't buy off you, so you keep it simple, but then they don't understand, and it's kindof a catch-22.

And you don't know what to do about it.

But I do, and I want to sharethat with you.

My name is Matthew Pollard and I am the Rapid Growth Guy.

And I want toshare with you a story of Bethany, who invited me to come and speak to a groupof builders that she had organized.

And these were all big businesses — they were$2M builds, $1M builds, $5M builds.

Very successful business owners, but she decided they all needed to understandrapid growth, because they were all struggling with the same thing.

They wereall struggling with other builders that were just trying to compete on one thing — price.

And she needed to help themunderstand how it could be done differently.

She came to me because Ihave taught 3500 trades people — builders, electricians, plumbers, in Australia — andshe decided that I had that unique expertise to share with them.

See, veryfew people, as I'm sure you know, have the expertise of the building market.

Especially in sales and marketing.

I mean, realistically, no one really speaks tothe builders' market.

But I've done it for years.

And what I help these people do,inside a 45-minute workshop, is really break down exactly what differentiatedthem, the competencies that they had that wereseparate to every other builder.

Every single person in the room came up with adifferent answer, but it was the right answer for them, because it was based ontheir unique competencies.

I mean, think about it: You have different experiences,different education, you've had different customers than everybody else in thebuilding industry, and it makes you uniquely placed to help one specificdemographic of customers.

And with Bethany's group, we helped her do that for every singlebuilder in the room.

It was a 45-minute workshop.

And now, I want to show you howyou can do it yourself.

I'm going to share with you things that I have notshared with anyone outside the scope of my one-on-one clients.

And we don't justhave 45 minutes together, we're going to have over an hour, and you're gonna beable to ask me questions, while her people never could.

I can't wait to showyou this intimate information in our webinar together.

Before we get to that,though, I'm all about transparency.

So I want to hear from Bethany and herexperience of me in that 45-minute workshop, and the outcomes that she sawcome out of it.

And then I want to show you in intimate detail through thewebinar exactly how you can rapidly grow your business.

Just click on the linkbelow, hear from Bethany, and then I'll see you in the upcoming webinar.

I lookforward to seeing you there.

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