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How to Calculate Numbers on a Rental Property

Welcome to Hipster's first how-to video! I'm going to show you how to run very quick numbers on a rental property.

You can use this formula—so easy and so fast —for any property you're looking at.

It's so straightforward.

I'm going to do it on this little whiteboard here and use my calculator.

(Yes, it is actually that large).

I'll be behind the scenes here doing my calculations while I write out what is going on.

I'm using an actual rental property as an example.

It has a purchase price (you have to love my handwriting) of $100,000.


In rent (and always verify this before you buy any property.

Verify it with property managers or… just verify it), this particular house gets $1075.

00 in rent.

This house is in Indianapolis.

It was built in 2002, I think.

Super-cute little house.

Three bedroom, 2 bath.

But all we care about right now are the numbers.

I'm looking at this property.

What do I want to take into consideration? I write out my list of things that I need numbers for first: taxes, insurance (again, don't you love my handwriting), I always make an estimate for vacancies and repairs (which I'll touch base on in a second), and then for me I always use property management so I have that line.

That may be optional.

For sure, you're going to have taxes and insurance.

Vacancies and repairs are really up for your best guess.

I buy turnkeys so they're already rehabbed.

I use 7% for vacancies.

You can look up the statistics of a particular city and see if that number is about right.

And for repairs, like I said, fully rehabbed, so I just use 5% for repairs.

If you calculate this, this particular house the taxes per month (and this is all monthly) are about $60.

00 a month, which is excellent.

Insurance on this property is about $45.


Seven percent (and those percentages are of the monthly rent) of that is going to be $75.


Repairs are going to be 5% which is $54.


The property management in this case is 10% (should've put that there), and that would equal about $108.


Total all those up.

These are going to be all your expenses.

Grand total: $342 for monthly expenses.

Now, here's your income: $1075.


Here are your expenses: $342.


So do $1075.

00 minus $342.

00 and if you buy this property for all cash in theory per month you should be getting $733.


That is cash flow in your pocket per month.

To calculate your cap rate, you are going to do $733.

00 times 12 (because you want it annually) and the total amount that you paid for this house is $100,000.

00, which is going to equal… calculations…8796 divided by 100,000…you're going to get 0.

088, which equals 8.


This is your cap rate.

That is the main number.

That's going to explain to you kind of where the income is in relation to where the income is in relation to howmuch you paid for the property I know you're already asking (and I don't even have an eraser… let's see…hang on), I know you're already asking "Well, what if I'm financing because I've got a mortgage?" Ok.

Not a problem.

Let's erase this stuff.

You already know your expenses.

We're going to get rid this section.

We'll leave that $324.

00 for total expenses.

(I guess I could've written a little smaller.

) How do you deal with the mortgage? Well, $342.

00 was your total expenses without a mortgage.

All you need to do now is figure out what your mortgage payment per month is going to be.

Go online, find any old mortgage online calculator, plug in the numbers and see what your payment is going to be.

For this one, I used a 5% interest rate, and with 20% down (which is standard for an investment property), you're going to have a loan of $80,000.

00 (that's an $80K loan).

Your mortgage payment at a 5% interest rate is going to be $429.

00 per month.

Since the total expenses were $342.

00 already, just add those to $429.


This will be your new expenses… (am I doing that right?) $771.


Yeah so now you have Now you have $1075.

00 minus $771.

00 is going to give you $304.

00 per month.

This is your new net income after the mortgage payment.

On this house, you're still bringing home $304.

00 per month, which is ridiculous for a rental property.

That's amazing! That's $300 easy in your pocket per month.

The only thing you can do other than this is… you already have your cap rate…now you want to calculate your cash-on-cash return which ultimately for any purchase is all that matters.

Cap rates only explain whether you're getting a good price for the property or not.

Your cash-on-cash is actually how much you're making based on how much money you put into the deal.

So, $304.

00… make it annual, so times 12.

Then, instead of using your total purchase price, you want to put in how much money you actually put into the deal.

Your down payment on a $100,000.

00 house was probably $20,000.

thousand dollars I went ahead and rounded that up to $25,000 because you're probably going to have about $5000.

00 in closing cost.

That's going to give you 3648 divided by 25,000 equals 0.


Change that to a percentage and you are looking at a 14.

6% cash-on-cash return.

That is the number that you care about.

If you are paying all cash for the property all you care about is this 8.

8%, because your cap rate and your cash-on-cash will be the same for an all-cash buy.

For a finance buy (and this explains perfectly why I'm such a fan of leveraging money as much as possible), you're making almost 15% return on your money… on your actual cash that you invest.

That's amazing! With real estate prices gone up how they have, to be able to make a 15% cash-on-cash is great.

This is a fully rehabbed house.

Tenants are in it.

Property managers are in place.

The only work it took was for you to sign the papers and get a home inspection.

Boom! There are your numbers.

A very quick summary… We'll see if I can erase this super fast.

I'm not even going to try and erase it all.

I'll even do it in blue since I'm holding a blue marker here.

Step ONE: Calculate your expenses.

As a recap, that's going to be your taxes, insurance, property management fees, and estimate for vacancy and repairs, and then if you have the mortgage, the mortgage expenses.

You already know your income, so TWO: take your income minus your expenses and that will equal your net cash flow.

Don't ever buy a property that does not tell you that you're going to get a positive…Let's see… What did I say? Don't ever buy a property that suggests you're going to make a negative cash flow.

You always, always want positive.

THREE: Calculate the cap rate, which is your net income, times 12, divided by purchase price.

FOUR: If you're financing calculate your cash-on-cash… which is your net with the financing, times 12, divided by your cash in.

As a clarification point, the cap rate does not include any financing cost.

Your mortgage expense is not included in the expenses.

It has nothing to do with the equation.

That is standard.

Cap rates do not include financing.

It's assuming an all-cash purchase, because whether you finance or not (I like to say) is your own problem.

It has nothing to do with the purchase price.

What matters for you financers is the cash-on-cash, which does in fact take into account the mortgage expense.

That will calculate your official return.

Alright? That's easy rental property numbers.

Another…one last disclaimer… this does not include rehabs.

If you're rehabbing a property you have got to include those costs in these equations.

It takes a couple of extra steps.

It's still not a big deal.

In general… a general formula for you.

I hope it helps!.

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When The Right Time To Sell, And When Should You Rent or Hold It?

Brian: I’m Brian Spitz, president of BigState Home Buyers.

Thanks for joining us and today, as our guest, we have Amber Carrillo,with Carrington Real Estate Services.

And we’re going to talk about when is the righttime to sell your house, and whether or not you should rent or sell it.

Whether it’sin this current market or just in general.

So, thanks so much for coming today.

Amber: Absolutely.

Thanks for having me.

Rent home or sell it(0:00:53.

1) Brian: Absolutely.

So, tell us about renting your home or selling it.

Amber: Well, when it comes to renting your home or selling it, there are just so manydifferent factors.

A lot of it is going to depend on you, on personal finances.

And whatworks best for your situation.

Are you in a situation where you need to sell your housein order to buy another one? Or are you in a situation where you’re going to be a longdistance landlord.

There are so many factors that go into that.

Brian: Yeah, that’s true.

I mean, a lot of it, I guess, is whether or not you needthe down payment and the equity of your first house or whether your mortgage lender requiresthat you only have one loan.

Amber: Exactly.

Brian: When you see people rent houses out, in my experience, at Big State Home Buyers,we buy houses directly from sellers and one of our biggest client bases is actually, afunny word, is tired landlords, people that have been landlords and want out of the business.

So, what I tell people is it’s not as easy as it looks.

But what is your experience?Of course, it works out really well for some people, especially if you get the right tenants.

Amber: Right.


8) Getting a Property Manager ifRenting Brian: What do you see for the average personwho is thinking about renting their home, rather than selling?Amber: Well, if you do not have the experience, I would absolutely recommend that you contractthat out with someone to handle the property management, because there are just so manydifferent laws, you know, tenant rights and landlord rights, and you really need to bestudying up on those types of things.

If not, have a really good real estate attorneyin your corner that you can call whenever a question or situation arises.

When it comesto doing evictions and stuff like that, it can get really hairy, so it’s not somethingthat you would always want to handle hands on.

Brian: Oh, yeah, definitely not.

The biggest reason people try to take that on themselvesis basically to save the money you pay the property manager but my philosophy is youshould pay people to do what they do best so you can do what you do best.

Amber: That’s exactly right.

Brian: Property management is a tough deal.


4) Screening tenants Amber: It is a tough deal.

And it’s so important,if that’s something that you’ve chosen to do, is that you screen the applicants verywell and you’ve got a system in place to screen those.

Brian: Right.

Amber: So a lot of times, if you’re goingto list it with an agent to lease it out, we have those resources available to do backgroundchecks and credit screenings and stuff like that.

Brian: Right.

Amber: To be able to prevent putting felonsand stuff like that in the property.

Brian: Right.

And so a lot of times, peoplejust put a For Rent sign in front of their house and they kind of take whichever tenantlooks like they can pay the rent.

But the reality is if you just wait for the righttenant, you end up in a much better position.

Amber: That’s right.

Brian: So, definitely, you know, and the market right now for rentals, just like for sales,is really strong.

So you can hold out for the right tenant.

Amber: Right.


There’s tons of investors in the market that are snappingup the houses and turning them, holding them for a period of five to ten and even twentyyears, in some cases.

And they’re renting those properties out.

And there’s a highdemand for rentals.

There are so many people moving to Houston on a weekly basis, so, yeah,there’s a need out there.

And at every turn that you make here in Houston, you see newapartment complexes going up.

Brian: Everywhere.

It’s crazy.

Amber: Yeah.

And occupancy rate is very high right now, so rentals, they are a great investment.

Brian: So you can hold out for a good tenant.

If you’re going to rent your house, holdit out for a good tenant.

Amber: You can, but again, that just dependson if you have note on that house that you need to pay.

Yeah, if you’re in a bind financially,then that’s going to effect on how long you hold out for a good tenant.


5) When is right time to sell Brian: Right.

Oh, I guess, that’s true,too.

How do you know when it’s the right time to sell? You know, there are a lot ofthings about the time of year or the market.

Obviously, the market, the perception is themarket is very strong in Houston, which it is, but what do you tell people when theyask you, what is the right time to sell my house?Amber: Well, you know, many people are looking to sell during the summertime.

That summertimefrenzy starts right in May and goes until about the end of August, beginning of September.

And that’s when you run into situations where you have multiple offers and there’sjust, you know, it’s not uncommon to have your house shown ten times a day.

So, butthat’s a time where people are moving.

You know, teachers are out of school for the summer.

Their kids are out of school for the summer.

And so it’s just more convenient to moveduring that time.

Generally, though, when people are lookingfor a house, if they’re going to be looking for a really good deal, they know the seasonsand they know to hold off.

Only people who really need to sell their house are goingto put their house on the market during Christmas time or during the holiday season.

Brian: Right.

Amber: So, if that’s something that you’refaced with, if it’s possible to put your house on the market during the frenzy, thebuying frenzy, I would definitely recommend it.

If not, you may take a hit in the priceby putting it on the market during the holiday season.

Brian: What’s the cut-off point? Like, if I have a house ready, can I put it on themarket November 1st? Is that too close to Thanksgiving? What is your opinion?Amber: There are people, sometimes, there are so many people moving into Houston, alot of relo’s are happening.

So there will be people, those people come any time of theyear.

Brian: Right.

Amber: And they still need to buy, just like everyone else.

And because we have such adeficit of homes and listings on the market available, right now, you’re not seeingthat impact as greatly as we did several years ago.

Brian: Right.

So really, any time right now in Houston is a good time to sell a house.

Amber: Absolutely.


3) Homestead ExemptionBrian: One of the other things that I see is, in our business, because we’re alwaysbuying, selling, buying, selling.

So we’re always closing houses and the fourth quarterof the year that, you know, November, December, October, those months can be some of our busiestmonths.

And one of the reasons I see in the past couple of years is the Homestead Exemption.

Doesn’t the Homestead Exemption cut off at the end of the year? You have to file forit by December 31st, don’t you, for the following year?Amber: You have to live in that house by December 31st.

Brian: Live in it.

Amber: Yes, of that year, in order to fileit for January.

Brian: So, there’s often a push to get closingsdone in the last weeks of the year so that you can get that Homestead Exemption.

Amber: There is.

And if you work with investors, like a lot of us do, then you’ll find abig push, you know, people are needing to make wise investments before the end of theyear for tax purposes.

So we usually, November, December, are some of our busiest months.

Brian: Yeah, they are.

Well, what else can you tell us about when to sell your house?Amber: Well, let’s see.

Brian: Or when you need to sell it.

Amber: Or sell it when you need to sell it.

Exactly right.

As far as seasons go, gosh(laughter).

I’m drawing a blank.

Brian: Well, that’s a really good start.

So if you want to rent your house, you can contact a good real estate agent, like yourself,and how can we reach you at? Amber: CarringtonRealEstateServices.


Brian: Okay, so CarringtonRealEstateServices.


If you want to sell your house fast and youdon’t want to list it and you don’t want to fix it, or if you’re a landlord that’stired of being a landlord, you can contact us at BigStateHomeBuyers.


But for theperson that wants to rent their house out, and I agree, get yourself a good agent.

Makesure you screen the tenants.

Hold out, if you can, for the good tenant that’s stablewith a job they’ve had for a while and good rent history.

And if you want to sell it,even though the seasons, the old thing is sell in the summer, hold in winter.

If you’rein Houston and you want to sell your house, it looks like any time is the time to do it.

Amber: Any time is a good time.

Brian: Great.

So again, I’m Brian Spitzwith Big State Home Buyers and we are here with Amber Carrillo with Carrington Real EstateServices and thank you very much for joining us.

Amber: You got it.

Brian: Great.

Thank you.

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Planning to buy a house? Think again! Buy Vs Rent Analysis

To rent or to buy a house is a dilemma mostpeople face.

Let's try to address this from a purely financial point of view.

Meet Joe and Alice.

Joe wants to rent a house while Alice is thinking of buying one.

Image we have 2 similar houses available — one for renting and the other for buying.

Joehas to pay a thousand dollars a month to rent the house.

Alice, on the other hand, needsat least 300 thousand dollars to buy the house.

For the sake of simplicity let's assume thatAlice can get the mortgage for 6% interest rate – which is true in many developed countries.

And the loan she has taken is a repayment mortgage.

Which means her monthly mortgagepayment will include interest plus a small part of the principal amount.

Let's say sheis planning to pay back the loan in 30 years and she also needs to contribute about thousandfive hundred dollars towards maintenance.

We also assume that the property price goesup by 2 % a year.

You may noticed that in some parts the growth is much more than that.

But according to research over a large period of time, the rate is usually between 2 to3 percent.

If we use these assumptions, Alice will haveto pay about thousand five hundred dollars every months as repayment.

On top of thatshe also needs to pay for the house insurance.

Joe, on the other hand, pays 1000 dollarsas rent.

He also saves some amount of money in the bank.

For argument sake, let's considerthis amount to be the difference between the rent and Alice's repayment amount.

Since rentis likely to go up every year, we need to consider a 3% increase in rent every year.

Quite often, people decide to sell their old house and move to a new one.

In our case,let's say Alice wants to get a buy a bigger house in 10 years.

Considering the appreciation of the value of her house, her house will be worth around370,000 dollars.

Since she still owes money to the bank, she will be left with only 110,000dollars Joe on the other hand will have savings ofabout 130,000 after 10 years.

Which means he made 20,000 dollars more by renting.

Does this mean that renting is always better than buying?Not really! Let's consider the case of Bob, who also boughta similar house at the same time Alice bought hers.

But he bought the house in another partof the city.

And the house increased by 3% in value per year – that is an increase ofjust one percent than the house bought by Alice.

When he sells the house after the same10 years, he will make around 150,000 dollars.

He made 20,000 dollars more than Joe by buyingthe house! So if you ask me whether you should buy orrent, I would say it really depends on your situation.

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both.

If you rent you have more freedomto move to another location.

And if you buy you will have more freedom to modify yourhouse according to your taste.

You can also see that if you invest the moneyinstead of saving, it will also change the scenario.

Source: Youtube

How to sell a house. Inside secret…Beat the competition!

Competition is anything and everything thatby its mere existence can cost you time or money or both.

Is your home a contender, apretender, or dominator? Putting a few pictures into a video (which is not really a videoit's just a series of pictures set to crappy music) is not what we're about when it comesto marketing your home.

That's not being competitive that's just posting and praying.

That's justsetting it and forgetting it.

You are either growing or you’re dying.

You are eitheractive or you're not.

There is no static state.

Sitting back, posting and praying, seeingwhat happens, listing and vanishing is not the way we do business.

We do business bytaking action.

We have an action plan and a communication plan.

We have an open house planthat will blow your socks off! We have a plan in place to adjust to whatever the competitionbrings so we always keep your home in the top two or three in the market.

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Why You Should NEVER Rent to Own Anything

Can you tell me why you should never rentto own anything? If you miss a payment, they can take everything.

That’s why it is called a rental.

But itlets me afford to get things in the house now, and that repo won’t land on my creditreport.

You pay as much in a year as it would costto buy the darn thing, up to twice as much as new.

And a lot of the rental appliancesand furniture are in worse shape than if you bought it new.

What can I do then if I can’t afford new? Have you considered Craigslist? I’m afraid it has bedbugs, fleas or both.

Try garage sales.

Then at least you’ll havethe person’s address in case it’s a piece of crap.

That doesn’t work when I need a workingwasher or dryer.

The Laundromat should fit in your budget,if you’re paying rental place rates.

That takes up too much time.

Go to the Sears Outlet place.

They have scratchand dent appliances for sale.

That sounds like the scratch and dent grocerystore, and I wouldn’t dare shop there.

The dishwasher motor and washing machine gutsshould work just as well.

It’s only the shiny smooth outsides that are scuffed up.

How much do I save? You could save anywhere from 20% to 60% onthe price of a new one, more if it is last year’s model.

If you’re really desperate,you could put it on a payment plan or credit card to buy it.

I can’t stand credit card interest rates.

You pay just as much or more per year if yourent to own and then miss payments, getting assessed with fees.

When is rent to own ever a good idea? Shouldyou do it if you only need furniture for a few months? In that case, pay extra for a furnished apartmentor live on a futon and card table until you can afford the furniture.

I don’t want to live like a starving student.

It’s just until you can upgrade to Mid-Americangarage sale.

Source: Youtube

Rent or Buy a House?

To buy, or not to buy.

That is the question.

Should you continue to rent? Or should youbuy your first home? This can be a challenging decision.

But it need not be.

In the nextfew minutes we'll show you simple way to determine exactly when to make the move to home ownership.

Let's start with a quick comparison of the advantages of both options.

Renting has twoprimary advantages: mobility and simplified financial obligations.

Buying a home has different advantages.

Each mortgage payment builds equity in your house;House payments remain essentially fixed, even as other prices rise; Your tax bill will likelybe lower; and your home improvements build upon your investment.

But when is it best to switch from renting to buying your first home? From a financialpoint of view, it essentially comes down to two factors:The minimum number of years you plan to own the house, and the size of your down payment.

We'll illustrate this with a spreadsheet we created in Google Drive.

(You can get your own copy of the spreadsheet by clicking on the link listed in the descriptionsection below and copy it into your own Google Drive.

)The cells with no shading contain the all information we need for our calculations.

The default values are typical of those for buying a starter home with a cost of $100,000.

A summary of the analysis is best illustrated by two graphs.

The first graph shows the projectedexpenses for both renting and homeownership over the coming years.

The curves show thatthe projected accumulated expenses for house ownership start out higher, but eventuallydrop below the rental expenses at some point in the future.

There are several reasons for this.

First, as soon as you buy a house, you incur thefuture cost of selling it.

Even though this expense won't be paid until the house is sold,we count it as an expense right up front.

It's this expense that makes homeownershipinitially cost more than renting.

In most cases, accumulated renting expenseswill eventually exceed the costs of owning a home.

This is because less money is spenton mortgage loan interest as you build home equity.

On the other hand, rental costs generallycontinue to rise at the rate of inflation.

By looking at this graph, it's clear thatyou will need to hold onto your house for at least a few years to break even.

So ifthere is a high likelihood of you moving soon, it's better to continue renting and save fora larger down payment.

This brings us to the second primary factor–yourdown payment.

A higher down payment means a smaller mortgage, which lowers your interestpayments, thereby lowering your overall house expenses.

Further, if your down payment is less than 20% of the house price, your loan will likelyrequire the additional expense of private mortgage insurance (or PMI) as part of yourmonthly house payment.

Now that we know the two primary factors impactingyour decision, let's look at the second graph in the spreadsheet.

One axis represents theamount of your down payment.

The other, is the minimum amount of time you plan to ownyour home.

If your situation puts you within the shaded region, it's better to continuerenting.

But if you determine that your situation puts you outside of the shaded region, it'stime to consider buying a home.

For example, this graph shows if you put 20% down, youshould plan to own the house for at least 2.

5 years.

You may have noticed that throughout our analysis, we have assumed that the values in our spreadsheetremain the same over time.

But in the world of real estate, nothing remains the same.

Inflation, mortgage rates, and home prices vary significantly over time.

So is the whole analysis hopeless and just a matter of luck? Fortunately not.

A homeownerhas one significant hedge against all these variables.

That hedge is "time.

" Accordingto the famous Case-Shiller index, given enough time, housing prices will on average trackinflation.

Therefore, in most cases, you can avoid a loss due to short-term depressed housingprices by simply holding onto your home longer.

As you have seen, the rent or buy decisiondoesn't need to be overly complicated.

By focusing on two important factors, you canstart charting your course to home ownership.

If you liked video and want to continue tolearn more about various aspects of home buying, please subscribe to the home buyer channel.

If your business involves home buying or financing, we encourage you to embed this video intoyour website.

Use the comment section to let us know whatyou think of this video and what other types of home buying topics you would like to seein the future.

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How Much Can I Rent My House For?

Alright guys, I'm going to uh shoot a quicktutorial on, how to determine rents.

The other day somebody asked me, well how much can Irent my house for, if I buy this property over here.

This is what we use when we arenot too familiar with uh an area, it's rentometer dot com.

Uh, its easy to use and its Freeto use, okay just plug in your address right here, the address of the subject propertythat you are going to, you are thinking about buying or fixing it up to rent it out.

Uh,the rent and the bedrooms.

Let me just grab an address off of zillow dot com.

I am goingthere because they got addresses that are public.

I am not trying to pick on anybody'sparticular house.

Uh, lets go to uh lets go to Houston.

[pause] Alright, and we are goingto try and get a three bedroom, two bath, uh no apartments so lets filter this out here.

Home type, we just want a house.

By the way guys, if you are on our website, uh at weteach houses dot com, there's a, there's a module called Rental Properties, that willhelp you maximize uh your cash flow and how to get the most out of your rental properties.

It will help you out a lot,when you get a chance, look at it, review it.

I will leavea link to it on this post, Uh, apply here.

Alright guys, what we got here is three bedrooms,houses only, 2 or more bathrooms, so lets just filter or sort them through price here.

And I'm just looking for around fifteen hundred square feet, three bedrooms, two baths, that'sa little low.

Uh, seventeen hundred twelve thirty five.

I don't know that may be uh,lets go right here, Looks good [noise] Again we are just grabbing this, this address sowe can plug it in that rentometer.

oh, come on guys.

Zillow says its eleven twenty [pause]for that property, It should rent for and they're asking a thousand.

Lets go look atthis.

Okay, plug in your address, thousand dollars in rent, three bedroom, analyze mydeal.

Pull up some information here and you should have a map.

There's the subject propertyright in the dead center, the star in the in the box.

All of these little dots aroundhere are rental properties and they show you how much they rent for.

This one here, twentytwo hundred, wow that's pretty good.

Ten fifty and that's pretty close.

Eight hundred, nineseventy five, nine fifty, twelve hundred [pause] That's eleven hundred, and seventeen hundred.

Alright guys, this is based on forty six rental units.

They are all 3 bedrooms, these areall three bedrooms.

Alright, you want to stay as close as you can to the property.

Uh, youwant to compare apples to apples, so these guys are asking a thousand, they should beable to get it fairly easy, uh depending on what they got to do to improve the propertyor get it rent ready.

Uh, personally we would probably get eleven, eleven fifty and we wouldget that very easily.

Again, you can get all that information on the module we over hereon our website, uh rental properties.

So its in video format, its got a presentation inuh power point.

Uh, its got a lot of good information, so use it to help you out, ifyou need it and I hope this little tutorial helped you out on the rents, alright, y'allhave a good day.


Source: Youtube

Top 10 Best Condos for Rent in Mississauga

Hi this is Freedom from Condo Planet.

I wantto welcome you to a special edition.

Today we are going to uncover the top ten best condosfor rent in Mississauga.

With over a hundred condominium buildings to choose from it canbe a daunting task to figure out where you want to live.

Fortunately we have done a lotof the leg work here.

We are going to provide you some insider information.

We have studiedthe last 12 months of rental activity to provide you with the ten most popular condominiumbuildings in Mississauga.

The Top ten best condos for rent in Mississauga.

This list is based on consumers, tenants like yourself.

What we have done is we have lookedat the last past 12 months of rental activity.

We have looked at all the buildings and identifiedthe ones that rented the most units out.

That is how we have come up with this list.

Nowthat is not to say that buildings that are not on this list are not worth looking at.

There are a lot of great buildings.

They just may not have enough units up for rent.

A lotof the older buildings are owner occupied for example and a lot of the owners don'trent out the units so you could have buildings that have not made this list that might stillbe worth considering.

And we at Condo Planet can help you find the right building, theright unit that is the best fit for you.

But without further ado, let's get down to thetop 10 best condos for rent in Mississauga.

Ranked number 10 for out top ten best condosfor rent in Mississauga is Grand ovation, situated at 310 Burnhamthorpe Rd west.

Thisbuilding was built by Tridel in the year 2008.

It has 458 units and 35 storeys.

The rentaloptions include suites with one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, two bedrooms and two bedroomsplus den.

Amenities at 310 Burnhamthorpe Rd West include Guest Suites, Garden Terrace,Party Rooms, Barbecues, Golf Room, a Ping-Pong Room, Billiards Room, Theatre, Indoor Pooland a Fitness Centre.

Ranked number 9 on our top 10 best condosfor rent in Mississauga is Absolute Vision located at 80 Absolute Avenue.

This buildingrented out 52 suites in the past 12 months alone.

It was built by Fernbrook Homes inthe year 2009.

It has 373 units and 35 storeys.

Amenities at 80 Absolute Avenue are all locatedin a separate facility known as the Absolute Club.

This facility has over thirty thousandsquare feet of amenities space including cardio room with elliptical machines and treadmills,a separate weight room with free weights and machines, a basketball court, business centre,two squash courts, a theatre, card room, five furnished guest suites, four party rooms anda sun deck with barbecue facilities.

At number 8 is Ultra Ovation at 330 BurnhamthorpeRd West.

This building was was built by Tridel in the year 2010.

It has 297 units and 32storeys.

The bedroom layouts are typical of most buildings.

You have the one bedroom,one bedroom plus den, two bedrooms and two bedrooms plus den layouts.

Amenities of 330Burnhamthorpe Rd West include dining room, terrace with barbecues,a party room, guestsuites, billiards room, virtual golf, fitness room and an indoor pool with a hot tub.

Ranked #7 among the top 10 condos for rent in Mississauga is One Park Tower at 388 Princeof Wales Drive.

This building was built by Daniels in the year 2008.

It has 407 unitsand 38 Storeys.

Among the typical options they also have three bedroom layouts available.

They even have townhomes on the ground level.

The amenities of this building include roofgarden with barbecues, guest suite, second floor virtual golf facility, a fitness centre,a steam room, whirlpool, indoor pool, a party room, library and a lounge.

Ranked number 6 among the top ten condos for rent in Mississauga are the Capital Towers.

These are the twin towers situated at 4080 Living Arts Drive and 4090 Living Arts Drive.

These buildings were built by Daniels in the year 2005.

4080 Living Arts Drive has 372units and 30 floors whereas 4090 Living Arts Drive has 367 units and 31 floors.

The amenitiesof Capital towers are found on the fourth floor.

They include a car wash, party rooms,barbecue, guest suites, media room, card room, billiards room, steam room, fitness centreand an indoor pool.

Ranked number five among the top ten condominiumsfor rent in Mississauga is Chicago located at 385 Prince of Wales Drive.

This buildingwas built by Daniels.

It has 487 units and 35 storeys.

Amenities include a lounge, barbecues,billiards room, party room, virtual golf, a sundeck, theatre, indoor pool, a great fitnesscentre and a thirty foot climbing wall.

Ranked number 4 among the top ten condos forrent in Mississauga are the Ovation buildings.

These are twin buildings located at 3880 Dukeof York Blvd and 3888 Duke of York Blvd.

The 3880 Duke of York Blvd was built in 2004 andits twin partner at 3888 Duke of York Blvd was built a year later in the year 2005.

3880Duke of York Blvd has 466 units and 32 Storeys whereas 3888 Duke of York Blvd has 471 unitsand 32 storeys.

Rental options include suites with one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, twobedrooms, two bedrooms plus den and 3 bedrooms layouts.

The amenities of this building aregreat.

They include two party rooms, guest suites, a terrace with barbecue facilities,a theatre room, billiards, golf centre, a bowling alley, a fitness room and an indoorpool with a hot tub.

At number 3 on our list are the Limelightbuildings located at 360 Square One Drive and 365 Prince of Wales Drive.

Ranked numberthree on our list.

They were built by Daniels in the year 2012, not too long ago.

360 SquareOne Drive has 356 units and 32 Storeys whereas 365 Prince of Wales Drive has 236 units and22 storeys.

Amenities in these buildings include a theatre room, a basketball court, fitnessroom, barbecues, lounge, guest suite and a party room.

Ranked number 2 among the top 10 condos for rent in Mississauga are the Parkside Villagecondos, the two buildings that are up right now, 4065 Brickstone Mews and 4070 ConfederationPkwy.

4065 Brickstone Mews was built in 2012 and a year later we had the release of 4070Confederation Pkwy.

Amenities for these both buildings are shared and they include guestsuites, barbecues, theatre, outdoor terrace, a lounge, a kids zone which is a room dedicatedto kids, you have a study room, a music room, a spa, a cards room, a yoga room, a fitnesscentre and an indoor pool.

And now finally at the top of our list wereach number one.

At number one are the Marilyn Monroe towers situated at 50 Absolute Avenue& 60 Absolute Avenue.

Built by Fernbrook homes in 2012, 50 Absolute Avenue has 433 unitsand 50 storeys.

60 Absolute Avenue has 433 units and 56 storeys.

I might add that 60Absolute Avenue is the tallest Mississauga condo building in all of Mississauga to date.

Amenities in this building are all dedicated amenities.

They are located at Absolute Club.

This Absolute Club is humongous.

It is a thirty thousand square foot facility of amenitiesspace.

It is shared by all five buildings that include the Absolute buildings and theyare shared by the Marilyn Monroe towers as well.

The facility includes a cardio roomwith elliptical machines and treadmills, the best weight room in all of Mississauga accordingto me, according to my opinion with free weights and machines, you got a basketball court,a business centre, two squash courts, theatre, card room, five furnished guest suites, fourparty rooms and a sun deck with barbecue facilities.

And that summarizes are top ten list.

And that concludes our top ten best condos for rent in Mississauga.

I hope you enjoyedthe list.

If you have any further questions, if you want to know anything about Mississaugacondos definitely check out our website here at www.



Thank you.

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Should I Rent or Sell My House

hello my name is Fernando Herboso withMaxus Realty Group in today I'll be discussing a question I get veryoften which is should I rent my house instead of sellingit you know that this study has concluded 10 I personal bias prefer to rent outless residence rather than stalin when purchasing the next on in on you have to understanda lot times by is preferred to keep their houses because they want to keepand preserve the value of the property which the equity data received in if there's a way they can offset thepayments that they have to do the mortgage payments versus the payments are they gonna beused to inform a new tenant it does make sense to try to maintainthis property is a rental rather than stellar net but in some cases we have to understandthat you may have to sell your problem on a4a for you to have enough money to purchaseUNIX home so that's another problem day you may face but let's talkabout if you decide it the you want to rent a house in thistale of selling it and let me show you some questions that you may ask yourself the before renting your home enough question numberone it's always how would you respond if your tenants say so they cannotafford to pay their rent this morn because of morepressing obligations you know this happens during peakholiday seasons in a christmastime where people need money for expenses andyou may have the printer I'll which is your tenant a asking new of to wat to receive your payment sothis is something that you have to consider when you are renting a house to anindividual to you are not really familiar how'd they behave withtheir payments in how to behave with the bills thing what type responsibility in thisappliance that they have themselves so that's the chance youtaking Wenger rent a property the question number twowill be because of the economy many homeowners can no longer make theirmortgage payments what percent of tenants do you think canno longer afford to pay the rent so if you're in the area for examplearound washington DC were day tenancy laws really favor a lot more to live attendance then thelandlords you may 5 me you may face yourself a with a huge problem when you're tenand may not be able to make the payments but they had the right to remain in theproperty without pain for a certain period and meanwhile youhave to keep those payments to Europe bank yourmortgage payments had to be babe you wanna personal you credit so there's avery important thing to consider when you renting house another question number tree will be have you ever interview and experiencein the X in the turning case the you have to challenge a tenant this is a bit stressful situation forany person looking to rent a house when you had togo to the court system to make your tenant pay you money another question the you need toask you selfless have you talked to an insurancecompany about possible increase in premiums as liability in greater often on on offby home meaning day you may end up paying moreinsurance if you're renting a house especially in the in area that the insurance company mayfind to be a very risky for damsel you need tospeak to your insurance company to see howmuch more or how much less im a close your insurance if youthinking about renting your house another question is thatwould you allow pets cats dogs and how big is a dogging inthis is a very important question for you because a lot of families do havepets etc and that they moved with debts and youhave to understand that issuer coincidence saying Knoll 100percent not to any bets near you wanna cut down on the number of applicants foryour property possibly in above fifty percent of thepeople and this is not a good thing damnbecause dan is gonna take you longer to rent in his obey important danger you mayconsider directing with a bed maybe somethingthat you may be able to do by maybe charge in an extra the policyto all maybe putting some stipulations during thenegotiation of your lease contract number six how was actually collect thewrecked by mail in person the number on bysoldiers give to people is that I prefer for the tenant to do a directdeposit to the landlord this is a very importantprocess because in deal you're not really an means touching making sure youmaintaining a relationship with your tenant in that is becoming more and morepersonally more friendly that then they will have toliberty to maybe ask you to hold on and they'll have the money can policehelp be your whatever you prefer to have unknownrelationship with a tenant and did less contact with them the better for you and you prefer forthe money to go directly to you director add to your bank account frontairbag bank account and they will be no problem for thatinjury money would come every single for so the Mont number seven repairs are part of being a landlordpools dak 10 and calls for repairs rights inthis is very important for you to realize you taking in assuming a lot ofresponsibility for a whole family living in anotherhouse there you will have no idea what they're doing it having parties or not in what did whether they do into the house thateventually made break you may have achieved maybe puttingsomething in Flushing down the toilet toy use or something implying up to hype you may end up having to pay fordisappears for days in this may happen in the middle of the night end so lemme you have to be ready to take these calls at the worst times you may end up spending hundreds ofdollars repairing things that but that you haveto repair because someone did not take care of this stuff in thedriveway soul abusing the products that you havein your house may be more prevalent wat tenants that they have kids but it's very hardfor you to prove that they were abused in it India theymay be construed the same is just in I'll a regular break andterrible problem of a product because yeah his longevity of how long you'vehad ed in a eventually you end up paying forthe whole thing in x1 is up %uh do you have a list of class peoplereadily available to handle this affairs you'd better have those things readyespecially a plumber which is an emergency English tuitionanother emergency does to are very important for you tohave I prior to put in the proper in the marketpriority for you to have a tenant in and your property to make sure you knowwho to call in case something happens well as electrical plumbing theother question number nine how often will youdo a physical inspection the property normally you can you don't have theright to just burst into the house and knock on thedoor see him here to proceed to inspect the property you can not do that that's against thelaw you have to keep your attendance right golf for you not to but into theirbusiness and you had to giving enough warning days Monday 24 48 hours depending what you contract you pleasecontact says but you have to give been warning how long is going to be I'll when are you going to makeinspection of the property you want to the dais especially once every year to making sure that yourproperty has been taking care of allowed times I see lol hours cannotforget about is they come back three years later andages horrified to find out their property hasnot been taking care of in his son mess and they have to greed drove the wholething so you need to have an inspection preprelease once a year in number 10 we'll alert you turna boost to your rent in the house you know this is something that you haveto understand the reason why would put dissing here is because you want to have they help for your neighbors to makingsure the Incase something that's happened to give you acall are you want your neighbors now to be day watchdogs for your house in is avery important that you maintained a relationship tothis neighbors because you want to know what's going on in your house old times the bone linesdays renting al residential real estatehistorically is a great investment for you however it is not with those challenges make sure you had decided to rent ahouse because you want to be in the Investor now because you're hoping to get a fewextra dollars by postponing a cell if you'redeciding to rent a house please give me a call and I'll be glad to give you more information more directly relatedto your property the location how much you could expecton a monthly basis from the tent my name is for another also I am a broker owner for Maryland DC andVirginia for Maxis Realty Group I can help you rented property or I canhelp you get top dollar for the property if youdecide to sell please feel free to give me a call I 301 246 seal seal seal on where you can getmore information by going to our website www really niceon the comp slash selling thank you have a great day.

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Should I rent or buy a house?

Let's face it! Figuring what stocks to invest in buying gold or deciding which car to buyare all big financial decisions.

But buying a house is by far thebiggest of them all.

At current real estate and rental rates, home is where the hurt is.

The biggest question then is should you pay rent or buy your own place.

The answer is simple if you thinking long-term paying rent could make a huge dent in your savings.

But if you're thinking short term just thecost of the house you want to buy could end in a hugesigh of defeat.

Or is it that simple? No, but its not trigonometry either.

You will need to answer a few basic questions.

For starters: How much would you pay to rent and what does it cost if you buy? Isn't it better to just buy a house sinceyou buy one at some point anyway? With rising rentals aren't you better off paying an EMI? How long are you planning to live there? What if you relocate? Are you missing out on yet anotherreal estate boom? What if you realise after buying that the price hasn't gone up much? When it comes to housing decisionyou'll probably hear many opinions from different people.

We realise that you house isn't built with money alone.

While it is a decision close to your heart, Our well-researched tools, blog posts and videos help you navigate this decision.

How's that for some good timely advice?.

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