Should You Sell Your Home to an Investor?

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Our real estate expert, Monte Mohr, is withus this morning.

He has sold thousands of homes here in MiddleTennessee.

He has decades of experience.

You want him on your team if you are wantingto buy or sell a home.

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Feed America First is one of the most amazingorganizations I've ever seen.

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This year they hit the highest, 1.

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Now we have to get back to business.

We have a question; people are asking, sowe have to get to it! Betty in Nashville wrote us and said "Mr.

Mohr, I keep receiving post cards from investors about wanting to buy my home.

They say they will purchase it in 'as is'condition.

Is selling to an investor a good idea? I trust your opinion.

" I've been getting these too! I think everybody gets some of these in themail.

A lot of people do.

My answer is yes and no.

Yes, if they'll pay you a fair price, butmost of these investors are not.

That's what people don't realize.

They're basing their presumed value on whatthey paid for it 20 or 30 years ago, and the values have gone up greatly.

I say yes, if they'll pay you fair price.

I sold one to an investor recently.

They paid a maximum price, because they plannedon holding it and not flipping it.

If they're flipping it, please don't.

For over 30 years, I've been selling homes.

I used to write for The Tennessean; everySunday I'd have an article for The Tennessean.

I've condensed those articles into a hundredpage book that I promise every question you can imagine is answered in this book.

I promise that if you'll get this book, andI want to offer it for free today for the first 10 callers, you'll get more for yourhouse, in less time, and with fewer hassles.

I promise that.

That's the commitment I make today to theChannel 4 viewers.

You have absolutely nothing to lose everybody.

If you would like to give them a call, here'sthe number – it's 615-636-8244 and the first 10 callers will get the book for free.

So give them a call! You can also find Monte online at TennesseeDreamHomes.


You can give him an email, shoot him a question,at MonteMohr@Yahoo.


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It was a real blessing.

That's huge, and you were great.

Thank you, and thank you for encouraging mein the process.

Of course!.

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