5 Tips to Sell Your Home in the Spring


I'm David Nelson with RE/MAX AdvantagePlus and the Imperial Home Team.

In this video, I am going to give you 5 valuabletips to selling your home in the spring market.

You don't want to miss this video so staytuned! Even though there is still snow on the groundand frigid temperatures, before you know it, spring will be here.

Historically, the springis when the housing market really begins to heat up and yes, pun intended.

The springreal estate market generally brings the highest sale prices for those selling their house.

This is only possible if the proper preparations are completed by the sellers well before springactually blesses our frozen tundra! If you're thinking of selling your house inthe spring, you must know that even though you may receive top dollar for your home,the competition will be the highest and today's buyers are savvier than ever.

This means it'sabsolutely critical that you have prepared for the spring housing market so that buyershave no reason to not purchase your beautiful home.

Here's 5 tips so that you're fully preparedfor the spring market.


Interview REALTORSIt doesn't matter what time of year you decide to sell your home but it's extremely importantwhen selling a home, that you know how to interview real estate agents.

As spring approaches,the top producing REALTORS will only continue to get busier.

Make sure you start reachingout to the agents, like us, you think would represent your home best and would ultimatelysell your home faster and for top dollar.


Know What Your Plan IsIt is important to be on the same page as your agent to make sure you establish a sellingstrategy for your home at the beginning of the listing process.

The most basic thingyou can do is create a to-do list as soon as possible.

This will help you break thehome selling process into different manageable tasks while dividing them into specific timeranges.

By taking this approach you will feel less overwhelmed and able to remain focusedlonger.

It will also help you track the status of the tasks you are working on.

One thingswe do for our clients is we pay for a stager to come into our sellers' homes for a consultation.

The stagers is there to provide a detailed room by room list of what needs to be doneto make the home most attractive to the majority of buyers.


Consider Having a Pre-List Inspection One of the biggest reasons a home sale getsderailed is due to the home inspection.

Most buyers will have their offer contingent upona home inspection.

Some buyers can even be scared by the smallest home inspection finding.

This can easily be avoided by having your home inspected by a professional before listingit.

It is typically cheaper to fix items prior listing the home than negotiate with the buyersdemands.

I work with a great inspector that we use that has saved our sellers thousandsof dollars and potential failed offers.


Make Social Media Your Best FriendHopefully your real estate agent is doing a full marketing blitz to take full advantageof getting your home seen by thousands of consumers online and off.

While that is expectedby your real estate agent, as a homeowner you can also take advantage of social mediato draw positive attention to your home.

Post pictures on Facebook, Instagram, write a blogabout it, and/or email your friends that your home is for sale and get the word out on allthe other social sites you visit.

One word of advice, please keep your posting and photospositive as I've seen other sellers post negative items like "just found another dead mousein the house" or "can't wait to move away from my obnoxious neighbors.

"The best part is, social media is completely free or very inexpensive to flood the worldwide web with news about your home for sale.

Whatever your online activity and presenceis, use it to your advantage! The more eyes that see your home, the greater the opportunitya buyers finds your home.


Clean & OrganizeI know this has been said a million times before but it's so important to give yourhome a thorough spring cleaning.

Be proactive and start cleaning now; you'll be glad youdidn't wait until the day before photos.

A huge turnoff for prospective buyers are foulsmells and general uncleanliness.

Things such as smoke and pet odors, stained carpets, nastybathrooms, and filthy appliances can kill home sales.

Here is list of items to make sure you clean before listing your home:- Wash your windows or hire someone to do it- Dust your blinds – Dust the baseboards- Clean appliances inside and out – Wipe off air vent covers- Clean showers, tubs & toilets – Wipe off the years of dust from the ceilingfans – Clean inside cabinets as buyers look everywhere!When selling a home, it's important that you de-clutter and organize your home, too.

Agreat way to achieve this goal is by packing right away.

It may sound odd since you haven'tlisted your home for sale yet, but you will need to pack at some point, so why not doit now! Clean out closets and pack away anything that you don't need in the immediate future.

It is incredible how much better a home will show and how much quicker it will sell ifit's organized and de-cluttered.

Plus, we all have junk and items that we can purgefrom our homes.

The spring real estate market is a great timeto sell a house.

Just because our spring market doesn't begin until mid-April doesn't meanyou should wait to get your home ready for the market.

Be proactive and follow the above5 tips for getting ready for the spring real estate market.

You will be glad you did whenyour home sells quickly and for a high price! Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channeland please like this video below.

Happy Selling!.

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