5 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Spring or Summer

Sellers, do you want to get top dollar foryour home? In this video I’m going give you 5 reasonswhy you should list your home in Spring or Summer.

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Ok, let’s get down to it.

Number 1, Bigger sale price.

In most markets, more inventory means lowerprices, Econ 101 right? But the housing market works the oppositeway – Prices are highest in the Spring and Summer which is prime season and it's whenthe most homes are listed for sale.

It may seem a illogical, but it happens thisway because demand to buy homes is very seasonal, driven by weather and the school year.

So, there are more buyers in spring and summerbecause for many people this is a convenient time to move.

So relative to demand, the supply of homesis actually tighter in spring and summer than in winter and the fall.

Number 2 – Better valuationsWhen creating the valuation on your home, the appraiser looks for data on comparablehomes sold in your neighborhood.

But if the appraiser can only compare to datafrom a home that sold for cheap in the winter, it can hurt the valuation for your home whichcould put you at at a disadvantage when it comes to selling.

With more homes selling in the prime season,comparable home data is more accurate.

So, the best case scenario would be for youto be the second or third person in your neighborhood to put your house up for sale and take advantageof the earlier home sales which will be a better and more accurate, more comparablesales for your home.

Your agent should talk to the appraiser tomake sure that he/she understands your neighborhood.

Appraisers often come in from out of townand may not understand that the home that recently sold for $400,000 was a fixer upper,when prices are normally $600,000 in that neighborhood.

Number 3 – Better curb appeal and longer daysYour home will shine in the Springtime – flowers are blooming and buyers are out looking fortheir dream home.

Daylight Saving Time also gives buyers moretime to look at houses, meaning your property can be seen by more buyers during the day.

A bright and sunny home will sell better thana dark and cold home 10 out of 10 times.

Number 4 – Bidding warsBidding wars are a headache for buyers but a big plus for sellers.

If you put your home on the market when inventoryis at its high, there is a better chance for bidders and multiple offers because thereis also an increased number of buyers competing against one another.

Bidding wars mean more money in the seller’spocket.

They usually mean buyers are less likely tomake request for repairs or other demands on the seller requests.

Additionally, cash buyers can be aggressivebidders and you might find a buyer with a bucket full of dollars with and a fast laneto close of escrow.

Number 5- Sellers can be choosy tooDon’t want your childhood home bulldozed to the ground for a new McMansion? Well, you have a better chance of findinga loving couple looking to start a family on the on-season.

More buyers mean more offers and you may bebetter able to choose the next owners of your home.

Sellers, if you are selling your home on theoff season, don't despair.

Although you may not get as many buyers lookingat your home, the buyers that do come are often very motivated.

Off-season buyers are more focused and seriousabout finding the right home in a short amount of time.

In many cases, they are involved in a relocationor facing a situation that is requiring them to move.

If buyers are out looking at houses the daybefore Thanksgiving or chilly New Year’s Eve, you know they are serious.

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